esthetician instructor

(750 hours)

As the skincare industry is growing, so is the need for Esthetician Instructors. Our 500 hours Esthetician Instructor course will provide you with the foundation skills needed to pursue a career as an Esthetician Instructor. You will learn to develop lesson plans, utilize effective communication skills, apply appropriate teaching and coaching styles as well as grading principle techniques. Applicants are required to hold an Esthetician license for 1 year before being able to become an Esthetician Instructor.


  1. To develop a knowledge, understanding, skill, and appreciation in the theory and operation of cosmetology arts & sciences.
  2. To develop habits of good workmanship and the orderly performance of various tasks in the work environment.
  3. Protect health, safety, and welfare of the public and the workforce.
  4. To learn to select wisely, care for, and user properly commercial products that are related to the application of treatments.
  5. To promote mutual esteem, goodwill, harmony and cooperation with professional and related organizations.
  6. To help the student to prepare for the state board examinations in order to obtain a license to practice.
  7. To prepare students for entry level jobs in their demanding workforce.

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